4:3 / Bats & Mats

4:3 by Sami El Hassani featuring Bastiaan van Zadelhoff & Mats Edel with illustrations by Joost Swarte and cameo’s by Jair Gravenberch, Alex Raeymaekers, Ali Belhadj, Chima Chibueze, Rob Maatman, Tobias van Rooij & Tycho Henskes. All filmed in the city of Haarlem.

Film and edit by Sami El Hassani
Additional filming by Stan Vriend

Hi-8 footage by
Bastiaan van Zadelhoff, Tycho Henskes, Stan Vriend, Tobias van Rooij, Ziggy Schaap, Charles Lanceplaine

Music: Song 1, Someone Else by MICH / Song 2, Reis door de Chakra’s by Lyckle de Jong

Illustrations by Joost Swarte
Animations by Bernie van Vlijmen