Dickies & Pop Trading Company

On March 24th we are launching a collection together with Dickies on our online store, in our Amsterdam Shop and at select Pop/Dickies retailers worldwide.

The offering explores the paradox of aesthetics and function. Dickies’ iconic workwear products like the Eisenhower Jacket, Work Pant and Work Shirt have been reimagined. The Eisenhower Jacket has a pocket on the back as an extra design element, the Work Pant offers a loose fit, and the quarter-zip adds a new flair to the famous Work Shirt. The collection features two fabric choices, an off-white linen mix cotton and crinkled brown nylon for a contrasting workwear look.
The collection sets itself apart with subtle details, like woven information labels displayed on the outside of the garment rather than the inside, creating pieces from labels designed for functional purposes.

Photography by Maxwell Tomlinson
Styling by Stephen Mann

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