Fiep Westendorp for Pop

Fiep Westendorp, a Dutch illustrator, left an indelible mark on the world of children’s literature and art. Born in 1916, her iconic illustrations brought beloved characters to life, known by generations of Dutch children. Westendorp’s distinct style, characterized by its vibrant colors and whimsical details, captured the hearts of young readers and adults alike. Her illustrations became synonymous with joy, adventure, and a sense of wonder to which even the most cynical skateboarder could relate to. Through her art, Fiep Westendorp created a timeless connection between imagination and childhood. Pluk van de Petteflet – the main figure in the collection – is one of the most beloved Dutch children’s books written by Annie M.G. Schmidt, illustrated by Fiep Westendorp, about a boy named Pluk who embarks on adventures with his talking red tow truck.

The collection consists of a Hooded Sweater, a graphic T-shirt, a replica of the iconic hat as featured in many of Fiep’s children’s books and a 7.75″ Skateboard.
Fiep Westendorp for Pop Trading Company will be available in our online store, our Amsterdam shop and at selected retailers globally from Friday March 29th.

Video directed by Patrick Louwerse
Production by A Small Gang
Music by Kim David Bots

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