King & Emile for AW23 Skateboards

Introducing Emile de Vos & King van den Ban as new teamriders on the Pop team.
Filmed & edited by Jan Maarten Sneep & music by ity.

Pop Trading Company AW23 Skateboards will be available on our online store, as well as the Pop Amsterdam store and at select retailers from Saturday July 29th.

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_0012_aw23 boards web_0001_Pop_Decks_2023-11
_0000_aw23 boards web_0013_Pop_Decks_2023-7
_0010_aw23 boards web_0003_Pop_Decks_2023-21
_0004_aw23 boards web_0009_Pop_Decks_2023-13
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_0006_aw23 boards web_0007_Pop_Decks_2023-17
_0002_aw23 boards web_0011_Pop_Decks_2023-9