Pop for Mr Porter

A small capsule for Mr Porter, a graphic driven project built around exclusive items for our valued retail partner. This time around Mr Porter introduces its Bodega with collectables, one-off’s and other merch.
The theme we took for this round was based on the human senses, ranging from hearing and seeing to smelling.
With the record company based shirt, aptly called the Hear t-shirt we’ve asked local artists to submit their logo’s and had a cassette made to coincide with the drop. All music on this tape has been featured in Pop videos over the course of 8 years.
The See t-shirt is a split screengrab taken from our videos featuring both Noah and Jair, to accompany this Pop staff photographer Hugo Snelooper selected one of his prints to sell in a limited edition. All prints are signed and numbered and are available exclusively on Mr Porter.
The Smell t-shirt is a play on the caption on our custom incense, Pop Parfums takes you back to the smells of Amsterdam and our lemongrass scented store.

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