Pop ’14 Recycled by Live

Pop Recycled is a project we do to reinterpret the clips we’ve put out over the course of a year, this time accompanied by music, some graphics and a selection of the best footage from that year.

A mixtape called « Triple 6 is my number” of Pop Trading Compagny “Pop Clips” remixed by s-2090 for Live Skateboard Media

Starring: Alex Raeymaekers, Ali Belhadj, Bastiaan Van Zadelhoff, Hugo Snelooper, Marc Haan, Noah Bunink, Simon De Boer, Willem Dirks and Willem Van DijkA Cold

Music by Arca, Ethel Wulf & Bones, Nasty Matt and Dead Kooi

Filmed By: Maarten De Ryck, Ralf Goossens, Sami El Hassani, Steff De Haan, Simon Ruesink, Yannick Wijgman, Booticelliboys, Erwin Fabrie, Federico Da fies, Florian Dalhuijsen, Jan Maarten Sneep, Marc Haan and Marc Bolhuis