Pop/Converse F&F Fastbreak

Pop/Converse Cons F&F Fastbreak Mid
only 100 pairs are exclusively made for Pop Trading Company

€90,- (US – Men’s shoe size 4 – 12)

Draw closes on 28/12/2020 @ 09.00 GMT

Provide your details, by clicking on link below, to enter the draw to purchase the Pop/Converse F&F Fastbreak Mid.
We’ll select winners randomly and notify you within a day of the draw finishing.


Pop-trading-company-converse-dragonskin-fastbreak-f&f-1 Pop-trading-company-converse-dragonskin-fastbreak-f&f-2 Pop-trading-company-converse-dragonskin-fastbreak-f&f-3 Pop-trading-company-converse-dragonskin-fastbreak-f&f-4 Pop-trading-company-converse-dragonskin-fastbreak-f&f-5